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The small coastal state of GOA is home to bustling nightlife, amazing churches and tasty food along with a host of tourist attractions and exciting things to do. You can explore too many beautiful things here.

Flea Market

Great news for the shopping lovers! Goa is flooded with the flea markets. Clothes, foot wares, hats, sun shades, novelty items, jewelry, antique pieces and what not is available in these markets. Just wander over the streets of the flea markets and enjoy the experience of unique shopping.

Spice Plantation

India is the ‘Land of Spices’ and we Indians are very much fond of spices. Goa is enriched with the variety of spices. Take a tour in different spice plantations across Goa and find a variety of different colorful and fragrant spices in their natural habitat. A spice plantation tour is nothing but a way to appreciate nature.

Night Life

When the Sun takes its leave for the day and the tiny shiny stars appear in the dark sky, the cheerful night life begins in Goa. Listen to the nature’s music of the ocean sound and the whispering breezes of air. Enjoy the happening night clubs and cruises. Take a walk in fascinating night markets. Try your luck in Casinos. Party hard on the shore or at a club and enjoy the drinks and dancing. Goa is in no way less than a heaven for the night life lovers.


Like churches, Goa is spiritually rich with number of beautiful temples. Overall construction of Goan temples is different than other Hindu temples in India. The temples here are decorated with natural beauty and simple yet fascinating architecture. The temples have a lake of clean water and the pillars of light ‘Deepasthambha’ at the entrance. These temples are the places where you find the real peace of mind.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

The 208.5 square kilometers of protected area in North Goa is protected as a wildlife sanctuary, named as Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. With the presence of variety of animal, bird and plant species, the area is of high biodiversity. In recent times, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is being considered as tiger reserve project. Visiting this sanctuary is a real treat for nature lovers.


Goa tourism is incomplete without the mention of various churches here. These churches are the varied heritage of Goa. Every church here is a classic example of Portuguese style architecture. Every church here tells its own story. Feel the calmness of mind and positive holy vibes in these monuments.

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