Are you wondering how to get here?


Are you wondering how to get here?


Answers to common questions.


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Answers to common questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions

How far is the Arpora from any beach?

Arpora is a 20 minute walk or 5 minute taxi ride from Baga beach and Calangute, and most of the short stay visitors in Arpora’s resort hotels head to these two popular beaches in close proximity.

My booking failed, but my money has been debited from my account. What do I do?

Booking failure could happen due to various reasons, sudden server failure, internet connection lost etc. Please call us immediately and we shall try and get this sorted out at the earliest.

How’s the Climate?

Goa features a tropical monsoon climate under the Köppen climate classification. Goa, being in the tropical zone and near the Arabian Sea, has a hot and humid climate for most of the year. The month of May is the hottest, seeing day temperatures of over 35 °C (95 °F) coupled with high humidity. The monsoon rains arrive by early June and provide a much needed respite from the heat. Most of Goa’s annual rainfall is received through the monsoons which last till late September.

Goa has a short winter season between mid-December and February. These months are marked by nights of around 21 °C (70 °F) and days of around 28 °C (82 °F) with moderate amounts of humidity. Further inland, due to altitudinal gradation, the nights are a few degrees cooler.

Is there a bike hire or car hire in Resort?

One may hire a car from the hotel or if you would want to self drive or ride a car/bike can be arranged utilizing the hotel contacts and directly paid by the guest.