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Find yourself in the state of 'Ananda' with Nilaya's Unique Ayurveda Spa

A Place of Comfort

At Nilaya, we bring the essence of Ayurveda for our guests from around the globe. We aim to draw joy to you, as only a healthy mind, body and spirit can endure.
Nilaya is one of the very few extra-ordinary spa resorts in Goa that could shift your body, mind and soul to tranquillity.


The body has to be treated from the deepest cellular level in order to rid it of harmful toxins and restoring it. A highly efficient way to de-stress and reverse it from ageing is Panchakarma treatment. At Nilaya, we have specialized Ayurvedic experts who are known to provide the best panchakarma treatment in Goa. Achieve the rebalance in your nervous system and find a deep sense of feeling for a holistic transformation.
Panchakarma at Nilaya Spa goes for 14 days giving you a chance to revisit your soul and rejuvenate your mind.




An Ayurvedic healing procedure. We love the calm transformation as our guests excel in complete bliss. Medicated oil is poured on the forehead in Shirodhara. Shirodhara stimulates the pituitary gland which calms your mind, enhances blood circulation in the brain, improves memory and gifts you with sound sleep.
Shirodhara is advised to the ones experiencing anxiety, insomnia, headache, depression, and stress. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic tool to balance most head, neck disorders and sinuses.
We have 2 different packages for Shirodhara at Nilaya’s spa and massage in goa.
3 Days – 1 Hour Daily.
7 Days – 1 Hour Daily.

Kizhi Treatment

Nilaya brings you the best Kizhi Treatment from God’s own country. Having an experience of more than a decade in such treatments, we examine each guest by proper Ayurvedic diagnosis and then the treatment is allocated. We provide the best Kizhi ayurvedic massage in Goa because we have experts from around India.
Kizhi is also known as Sankara Sweda or Pinda Sweda. Kizhi Treatment is a scientific and proven version of pain-relieving remedial treatment.
Kizhi can be useful for treating sports injuries, osteoarthritis, swelling due to arthritis, spondylosis, etc. The treatment can assist the body to improve, purify and strengthen the body, mind and soul.
At Nilaya, we offer the Pathra Podlam Massage which roughly takes an hour.


Stress Relief Massage


Stress-relieving massage is basically a procedure that encourages blood circulation, encourages relaxation, improves posture, decreases blood pressure, enhances easier breathing, strengthens the immune system, and rehabilitates you from any injury.
At Nilaya, we provide the finest ayurvedic massage in Goa that could relieve your stress. Come revisit the inner you.
Discover the stress-relieving massages:
Back Massage – 30Mins | Head and Neck & Shoulder – 25Mins
Neck and Shoulder – 20Mins | Head and face – 20Mins
Foot Reflexology – 45Mins.

Experience the Peace of Mind and Soul at Nilaya Hermitage
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